Brandt Krueger

Freelance Technical Meeting and Event Production, Education, Speaking, and Consulting. Geek Dad, Husband

Consultant, Meeting and Event Technology
Owner, Event Technology Consulting
Instructor, Event Leadership Institute
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Services Provided:

The goal of Event Technology Consulting is to be a translator between the exciting and ever changing world of technology, and the detail oriented, creative, and often conservative world of meeting and event planning.

For Planners:  So many planners of all ages and experience levels find themselves with a gap in their knowledge when it comes to Audio Visual and Event Technology, and cutting through the industry jargon to find the right fit can be an eye-glazing, headache-inducing experience. Some planners and event managers just "hope" that what they're getting is what they need- and sign on the bottom line, never knowing for sure. If you're a planner, let me be your guide through the maze of software, hardware, and shiny things to help you get the right technology for your meeting or event.

For Technology Companies:  Most software and hardware company staffers come from engineering and technical backgrounds, and these incredibly intelligent folks frequently find themselves on the show floor, pitching their wares to meeting professionals. Unfortunately, while they're great at explaining the technical details, they often lack the skills to explain their products in a way that planners can easily understand, focusing on features and functionality instead of telling stories and showing them how their lives will be made easier by their products. Or, perhaps worse, they hire people with pure sales and marketing backgrounds, who understand neither the technology nor event planning, and thus are unable to speak effectively to either. If you're a software or hardware company targeting the meetings and events industry, let me help you tell your story in a way that will be meaningful to your potential clients.

Education:  I truly believe that an educated consumer is better for the industry as a whole, and so in addition to consulting services, I seek as many opportunities as possible to educate meeting and event professionals, and help close the gap in their technical knowledge- especially when it comes to Audio Visual.  I have spoken in many educational sessions, including at the Meeting Professionals International World Education Conference, BizBash, and many incarnations of the Event Camp series. Public, private, and online classes are available through the Event Leadership Institute or by inquiring on this site. Reviews for previous speaking engagements are available here.

Freelance Technical:  It's important to me that I "keep up my chops" in the technical side of the meetings and events industry.  I continue to take freelance technical production positions, including directing and calling shows, video creation and editing (including opening and closing videos, on-site editing, "happy face" videos), and presentation consulting and creation (got boring PowerPoints? I can help with that).  I come from a theater background, so for as long as I am able I never want to give up the thrill and excitement of being part of live events.

Now let's go out and make our meetings and events better!

Owner, Event Technology Consulting