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When I started my campaign for Richfield School Board, I had the lofty goal of spending no more than the $2 filing fee - a truly cashless, grass roots campaign. After all, at this local level, that's all you should need, right?

Sadly, almost immediately it became obvious that wasn't going to be possible if I wanted to win. I started to see money being spent by other candidates on things like yard signs and flyers. I guess I should have expected it.

I'm a typical Richfield resident, so I don't have a ton of money lying around to throw at a political campaign. I even winced at the relatively small amount I had to deposit to open the official campaign checking account.

Put simply, I need your help if we're going to do this thing. So please, even if you can only spare a single dollar, every little bit is going to help!

Wherever possible, local Richfield vendors will be used for all materials.

Personal checks may be made out to "Elect Brandt Krueger"
and mailed to 6304 Russell Ave S, Richfield, MN  55423