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Why I'm Running for Richfield School Board

It's funny how it happens...

You're just going through your life, living it the best way you know how, and then *WHAM* the next thing you know you have a wife, a house, a beagle that's the loudest thing you've ever heard, and... two beautiful daughters. You look out the window at those girls running around, and you would give anything, anything, to make sure they grew up to be happy. And not just happy, but good people. You want to make sure they'll succeed in whatever they want to be. Of course, being 8 and 6, that changes almost daily: "Daddy! I want to be a veterinarian!" "Daddy! I want to be a dentist!" "Daddy! I want to be Lady-President!"

"That's just President, sweetheart."
"Then I want to be President!"
"Well, study hard, do well in school, be a good person, and you might be able to do just that. You've got my vote."

We chose to live in Richfield. We bought our home from the original owners. We decided to raise a family here, and we've joked that if we hit the lottery, we'd bulldoze the house and rebuild it, right where we are.

1st Day of School, 2015

1st Day of School, 2015

So we're not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Which means I'm running for them. 

I'm running because I want to make sure they're getting a quality education from start to finish.

I'm running because I have a strong background in technology and computers, and I know how important these tools are going to be moving forward.

I'm running because I believe we're going in the right direction, and I don't want someone's personal or political agenda interfering with long-term strategy.

But, I think the biggest reason I'm running is because I'm tired of the inevitable question that comes after someone learns 1) I live in Richfield, and 2) I have children in the school system: "So... have you considered trying to get them into Edina schools?"

No. No, I haven't.



If you'd like to support me in my campaign for Richfield School Board, please click here.