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Enjoy Your $9.95 with a Side of Failing Business Model

Following in Bank of America's forward, but not backward, steps- TCF National Bank is dicking around with their checking fees. A mystery charge of $9.95 showed up on my statement this month. Apparently they sent me the notice in September on my statement, which I receive online. Yep, it was there, 3 pages deep after the canceled checks (four, by the time you get to the actual part where I could have figured out the changes). Basically, if I don't have a minimum of 15 transactions per month, they charge a fee of $9.95.

Seems like every month I find a new reason I can't wait to cease being your customer, TCF. I also know that I'm not alone in that desire. Complicated finances make it currently impossible for me to cut the cord completely, but for now my math is simple: I don't make 15 transactions per month on that account, so I'll be closing my checking account as soon as I can. I'm sure that works on somebody's spreadsheet, probably something to do with the cost of maintaining low activity accounts. Considering the massive amounts of automation in banking these days, I can't see how it would, though. Methinks it might have something more to do with another part of the balance sheet.

**** Edit **** I should add that after several phone calls and complaints (and being told that closing my checking account would significantly increase my costs on my other accounts), they mysteriously found a checking account between the couch cushions that did not have this minimum requirement.