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Totally Awesome Event Planner Page Template of Fun!

I'll spare you the advertising-filled search bait and just give you the text of this Awesome Event Planner Web Page! (found via Google Sparks)

    "Planning for an event that would pass out without any difficulty is really a confused task. An event planner has to consider from every possible side and make deal to make that event outstanding with respect to the best arrangements. Planning for an event is a time pass activity but still it has chances to skip things that will make you cry shit through that event. To avoid these circumstances, you must think to utilize event planning template. Make assure that the event planning template you are using will be just right for the every event you are going to planning for. This template has been developed in MS Word 2007.
Click below to download this totally free Event Planning Template."
That's some quality writing, kids!
You don't even want to know what the template looked like :)